Chapter 1:  Installation

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1.5: Calling the Script

Now that you are hopefully up and running, you should be ready to begin customizing your shopping cart.  The first step in this process is to walk through the administrative menu (  However, I'm sure you will want to call the script in your browser just to see what's what.

To do this, simply type in the url to your store script.


This url will activate the "mainpage" template, typically used as the store entrance.  You will be customizing this template in later steps to match the look and feel of your existing site.   You may also call the script using a function.

How do I call the script with a function?

Ok, Ok, we know you're ready to cut to the chase.  At this point, you don't care if Dick and Jane are smiling, you just want to see Spot run. 

To call the script, type the URL to your script.  In addition, specify a user_action.  If you're doing this for fun before you actually enter product data, we suggest that you start by specifying a function that does not require product data to run.  For instance, specify the function to display the login page...


You should see a rather drab page that asks you for your username and password for your store.  If you see this page, you have accomplished your goal.

To call the mainpage template using a function you may use:


For a complete list of EDatCat functions, see the functions section of the Templates chapter.  A complete printable list of functions is provided.


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Chapter Two: Program Configuration