Welcome to the EDatCat Shopping Cart System, version 2.0!

Before we get to the specifics of the software, it will be helpful to you to understand two important principles upon which EDatCat was built.

1. EDatCat does not “can” anything for you…nor is it a “quick-fix” solution. This is a product that will enhance your ability to meet your clients’ needs. As such, it relies on your creativity and development ability to create a seamless and effective shopping environment. It is not designed to be implemented overnight. Particularly during your first experience with EDatCat, there will most likely be a slight learning curve as you begin to understand how it all comes together. EDatCat is extremely flexible. This is a great thing, but it also leaves a lot of things up to you. You must first understand how all of the different aspects of the product work in conjunction with each other to present your work to the world. Then, you will be in a better position to effectively utilize the product to its highest potential.

2. Because of the inherent flexibility, your creativity will be your greatest asset as you implement the EDatCat solution. EDatCat is not the final product- it is a toolbox that you will use to create the final product. EDatCat does not build the site for you- it is a tool with which you build the site. This gives you the final word, but it also may require that take a moment to do things with forethought.

Understanding these two principles will help you as you begin to walk through the software. If this is your first time, we suggest that you follow the following procedure:

1. Read this manual.
2. Install the software.
3. Configure the software.
4. Add a couple of test items.
5. Make backups of the templates
6. Play around with the templates until you are comfortable.

Once you have a solid feel for the software and how it all comes together, then you can begin the work of deploying your client’s web site.

Your first time through the software, we suggest that you allow 2 weeks from start to finish (depending on how busy your schedule is). After that, who knows? We do have a customer who has deployed a 60,000-item store in about 3 days…not too shabby.

We encourage you to have a little fun with EDatCat- remember, not long ago, tools like these were very high-priced and hard to come by. You now have within your hands the ability to create a world-class e-commerce web site. Enjoy it!